Recently, we’ve seen a massive uptick in the number and aggressive nature of cyber-attacks on small businesses. These attacks are extremely disruptive and expensive – you do not want to think, “That can’t happen to me,” or “Nobody wants to hack us.” We’re seeing this play out over and over again, even with micro-businesses. If someone could reveal where your business is completely exposed to hackers, wouldn’t you want them to tell you?

Take this quiz to find out if you are taking an expensive gamble with your company’s IT security:

  1. Are you *just* using antivirus software to secure your network? Antivirus is nearly obsolete and useless as a stand-alone defense against the sophisticated ransomware attacks happening now.
  2. Do you have VERIFIED daily backups of your data? Does your IT team conduct regular “fire drill” test restores to see if the backups are actually working? Do you even know if this is being done?
  3. Can your IT company/team produce a formal, written, multistep process for securing your network and RECOVERING from a ransomware attack? Ask to see it; even if you don’t fully understand it, the “tell” is if they can’t produce it or make excuses and try to dismiss your request.
  4. Are your employees’ workstations and devices truly LOCKED DOWN to prevent them from downloading files and accessing applications that can compromise your network? If not, you’re at HIGH RISK for having an employee accidentally invite a hacker in.
  5. Do you have a qualified third party auditing your IT company or team’s security protocols and systems? No one should proofread their own work – and you as the CEO should insist on this instead of just taking them at their word that everything is “fine.”

If you cannot confidently say “Yes” to these questions, or if you don’t know the answers, I urge you to contact us today.

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